This weekend I reached 20000 followers!! My tumblr also happens to be turning 2 years old!! WOW!!!!

Seriously, thank you guys so much!! 2 years ago I would not have believed that my work could reach so many people… you all rock!
I’m going to be doing another giveaway as thanks!

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Simply watching Adventure Time is often enough to make us hungry for sweets, but now we have an actual edible Candy Kingdom to tantalize our tastebuds. This mouthwateringly awesome Gingerbread Candy Kingdom was made by Redditor IHaveAFluffyCat (who actually does have an adorable fluffy cat).

The amount of time, effort, and candy that went into this work of edible art is amazing. It’s beautifully detailed from top to bottom, but we’re particularly impressed by the Gumball Guardians, whose sugar glass heads contain real gumballs.

Click here to see a complete gallery of step-by-step process photos.

[via Reddit]

A Gingerbread Candy Kingdom???